Pablo Lavaselli: From Buenos Aires Garage To AOJ Competition Team - FloGrappling

Even under the best of circumstances, being a student of jiu-jitsu is no walk in the park. There's no roadmap for success. From blue to black belt, Pablo Lavaselli wasn’t affiliated with any academy, choosing instead to forge his own path of training and learning jiu-jitsu. Where many might have failed, Lavasalli’s do-it-yourself approach proved successful. Now, a 28-year old high level competitive black belt, he's a testament that anything is possible if you dedicate yourself to excellence and

VMware on VMware: an Important Partner Across the Entire Business

I was recently hired as a content writer in the VMware on VMware group. During the interview process, my now manager explained that VMware on VMware acts as the first adopter of VMware technology. My assumption, because of my background with application testing was that as a first adopter, VMware on VMware would be performing surface testing of our products with predetermined actions and results from test scripts. But VMware on VMware provides so much more than just surface testing. The program