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Hero Worship – Flux

Marvin Maywood only wants one thing in life—to join the heroes of the Core. But he can’t follow his dream because his powers are fed by fear, which is against the Core’s standards. So he lives on the streets and watches the elite team of costumed crime fighters from afar. After Marvin performs an illegal act of heroism, he meets Roisin, one of the Core’s heroes, and it seems like his chance to join the team has finally come. As she guides him through his tryout, he starts investigating some stra

Blackfoot Braves Society: Spirit Totems

Jackson Brady desperately wants to be an average kid, which is part of why he wants to go to the Blackfoot Braves Society Summer Camp. But when you're the son of Clifford Brady, millionaire CEO of Brady Technologies, even the hills of Montana aren't far enough away. Immediately singled out by Craig, the camp bully, Jackson begins to regret his summer plans. Thankfully, he finds friends in fellow campers, and semi-outcasts, Austin and Mazzy, as well as Bill, the head counselor. Jackson's favor
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